PWM الشمسية المسؤول عن المراقب المالي

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PWM Solar Charge Controller RTC4024U

Restar RTC series is common positive PWM charge controller with LCD display. It adopts the most advanced digital technique. The multiple load control modes enable it can be widely used in solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.

عرض التفاصيل

ModelRTC 1024RTC 2024RTC 3024RTC 5024RTC 2410RTC 2420
Rated voltage12V / 24V Auto Work
Max load current10A20A30A50A10A20A
Input voltage range12V-17V / 24V-34V
Length≤lm charge loop drop0.25V
Length≤lm discharge loop drop0.05V
Over voltage protection17V / 34V
Full charge cut13.7V / 27.4V
Low voltage cut10.5V-11V / 21V-22V
Temperature compensation-3mv/°C / cell
Ambient temperature-25°C to + 55°C
No load loss≤10mA